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The Vermont Wood'n Pen Difference

Mixed Media Artist

Despite the name, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our materials.  In addition to native and exotic hardwoods, we specialize in deer antler and cast acrylics and epoxies.  From pine cones to coffee beans, from beer bottle caps to playing cards, the art of casting objects in acrylic or epoxy resins opens up the world of pen making drastically.

Blank Making

At the heart of pen making is the selection and preparation of the "blank", which is the part of the pen that gets turned and finished and is at the heart of the pen.  At Vermont Wood'n Pen, WE MAKE ALL OUR OWN BLANKS.  While many pen makers purchase pre-made blanks from others, to us the making of the blank is where we make our connection to the pen and the end user.

Wood Preparation

Wood is a living growing organism.  Even after harvesting, wood can continue to shrink and grow over time.  To ensure we make only the highest quality pens, we make sure that all of our wood is properly dried.  In addition, over 80% of the wood we use is "stabilized."  After ensuring the moisture content is as low as possible, the wood is placed in  vacuum chamber with a specially formulated stabilizing resin which penetrates the pores of the wood.  After removal, the wood is baked in a oven to harden the resin, creating the most stable, workable piece of wood we can.

Segmented Woods

Because wood can continue to "move" over time, anytime multiple woods are put together ("Segmenting") all of our segmented pens use only wood that has been stabilized.  This helps ensure that the different species of woods used will have limited movement over time.

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