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Bolt Action Rifle Pen - our most popular pen!  Barrel is turned from White Tail Deer Antler. Components are finished in a nice gunmetal.


Picture is a typical piece of antler, no two pieces are ever alike, so your actual pen may vary slightly from the picture.  


On top of it all, this is a nice writing pen.  It uses a Parker style ballpoint refill, which many people prefer due to it's smooth writing and long life.

Bolt Action Pen - Deer Antler w/Black Enamel Finish

  • Pen is easy to refill.  Parker ballpoint refills are available at all office supply stores and on the Internet in a variety of colors and point sizes.


    To refill, unscrew the bullet-shaped tip (retaining the spring), remove the refill and install the new one.  Replace the spring and rescrew on the tip!

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